Dear Elle,

I am writing to you from the beach backyard of my new home. I recently moved into my dream beach house last week and finally situated. I’m going to attach a few photos for you to see. The house has a walkway down to the beach, where I take my walk at every sunset and do a little jogging to get my heart rate up everyday. I love the view from the backyard. It has five bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a studio for me to do photography, and an office. My husband and our three kids also love living here with plenty of room for them to play and hang out. The school district is excellent, so I know my kids are getting a great education. It’s not too far from town, but at the same time, away from all the noise and crowd. I’ve got a big beautiful kitchen to cook good meals everyday for my family. We’ll live here happily ever after!

On other news, I received my NAPLEX results yesterday and I passed with flying colors! It has been a long road to getting my pharmacy degree from Loma Linda University after getting my bachelor’s degree in Health Informatics Administrator in 2021. I literally jumped right back into school and started my pharmacy program the Fall of 2021, and here we are four years later in 2025, I am finally done with college! Hallelujah!

I also can’t believe I am retired at the age of 45. I’ve worked so hard the past seven years that time went by so fast. You know, I really feel now that I have accomplished everything I’ve ever wanted to do. I am featured in every major magazine in the world - including Vogue and Vanity Fair. My job as an editorial and advertising photographer has taken me all over the world on some amazing trips. I published four books that have been on the New York Times bestsellers. My lifestyle blog has millions of visitors daily. My social media channels have accumulated a total of 10 million followers and counting. I have created the best probiotic supplements for gut health and anyone living with a redundant colon. I have created hands down the best digital advertising agency in the world employing the best and brightest creative minds of my generation. I have been recognized as the one and only stop motion queen in the world. I am married to the sweetest, kindest, most brilliant and sexy and generous as hell man on earth and the best father for my children. My photography work have been displayed at The MOMA, LACMA, and practically every major gallery in the world. I am speechless looking at the life I have had. I will continue to focus on some important social issues after my retirement, but I guess I can relax a bit now with my children and husband and focusing on our family. I can say I am truly happy and content. I have built a legacy for myself. I feel I am on top of the world!

Anyhow, here are some photos of my home!