Dear Elle,

Remember that hot guy I told you we locked eyes at the coffee shop? Well, guess what? He came over to chat with me today. He’s Vietnamese, athletic built, about 6’ tall, lovely smile with the whitest teeth, clean cut, and he’s a tech investor. He used to live in NYC, but moved back to OC to be closer to his aging parents. He has two older brothers - both are married. He’s 4 years older than me - a Leo, so you know he’s fun and adventurous. Do you believe in love at first sight, Elle? Because I do! We talked for a good while when he asked me for my phone number and taking me out to dinner. Now where should we go? N/Naka? I’ve been wanting to dine there ever since I saw the Netflix Chef’s Table feature. Lovely choice if you ask me!

I would love to start having children this year. I am thinking 2 boys and a girl. Our kids will be beautiful, smart, kind, and well-behaved. I bet he and I would make fine parents. I think I want to live somewhere quietly by the beach to raise our kids. Northern California is a good choice, but Southern California is great, too.